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The Candyskins were formed in Oxford, England in 1990. The first album Space I'm In came out that year, and is now out of print. If you want a copy, then you're only hope is a second-hand record shop. The Candyskins then signed to Geffen, an American company, who made them tour lots in the US, and didn't promote them at all in the UK.

Wembley was the first single I heard, when it was released in 1993 and only because my friend had bought it by mistake. However, I was hooked, and went out and bought Fun!. That was the last to be heard from them till June 1996.

At the start of 1996, new manager Richard Cotton got the Mrs Hoover single released on the Rotator label. It attracted the attention of Ultimate Records who signed them. With an increase in awareness around bands coming out of Oxford, a local label released the OXCD album featuring all the upcoming new bands from the area, including The Candyskins. Publicity for this album came thick and fast in the week after the signing, with hundreds of youngsters turning up at The HMV Megastore to see the band play.

The release of Get On in June roused Space into asking The Candyskins to support them on their tour. This was a major success, and prompted every single venue to ask the band to headline their own gig. Around this time, they also played with Dodgy, and Karl has even guested on bass for them.

Circles and Mrs Hoover were the next singles to be released, and got into the top 100. Then, in 1997, came the most successful single to date, Monday Morning. Helped by a free poster offer if you bought it in the first week, and hundreds of tour dates, this single went in at number 34 in the charts.

The old record company Geffen re-released the Fun! album, but the Candyskins won't get any royalties from it. Nick and Mark were arrested for spraying 'No Fun' on the Geffen Headquarters in London.

With the album Sunday Morning Fever doing well, two more singles were released from it. Hang Myself On You and Feed It. Unfortunatly Radio One didn't playlist them and they didn't reach the top 40.

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