Black And Blue

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In this town there's a man that I know who will sell you dreams,
And the right kind of clothes.
You go down to the edge of the street,
Then two hours later they've stolen your feet.

I'll remember this day for the rest of my life.
You told me we'd probably die,
And I said bye bye.

In my head there's a protest song.
You can whistle the tune but the words are too long.
You talk about love and go on and on,
But chained to the railings could you still sing along.

In my head this song's for you.
In my heart it's black and blue.

In this world where there's so much to see,
Like the sun going down,
And the spread of disease.
You go down to the dock to the end of the earth.
Will your last days alive be as good as the first.