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Live Album Out 4th March 2002


You can pre-order the live album from There are two options.
1) On it's own @ 11.99 UKP
2) With Death of a Minor TV Celebrity @ 18.99 UKP

I also got a mail from John hinting that a new Candyskins studio album wasn't out of the question.

Live Album Out Soon


There is going to be a live album of the Candyskins new year gig at the zodiac oxford released soon. No date yet, but you can see a preview of the album cover by clicking below. Thanks to David Burke (the designer) for sending it to me.

Record Label Troubles


Rumour has it that VelVel has folded - this means that the Candyskins are without a record label.

Email Newsletter


"We are going to play a one off gig at The Zodiac, Oxford (England) on Sat 27th February. It's a Guiness promotion night so it should be a good laugh (especially if you like Guiness)!! We will be doing full tours in the UK and America later this year, we'll let you know as soon as we have any news of the dates. Also Velvel will be re-releasing our first three albums this summer too - we'll let you know exactly when nearer the time."

The Candyskins

US News


According to Ice magazine, "Space I'm In", "Fun" (currently out of print) and "Sunday Morning Fever" (never released in the US) are all going to be re-issued in June on Velvel in the States.

More Interviews


Nick Cope will be giving Online interviews at the following times...

Monday 25th Jan @ 8:45pm EST (1:45am Tuesday GMT). Live at

Wednesday 27th Jan @ 7:00pm EST (12am GMT). Live at

Interview live on the net


Tune into January 25th at 6pm PST for an interview with Nick Cope from the Candyskins. You can submit questions for him now at



The Candyskins were number 50 in the American Top 50 airplay chart on Tuesday. Also 'Feed It' is going to be the next single from the film 'The Waterboy' which broke the US box office record for November in it's first week of release. For UK fans, the Candyskins will be having a Christmas Party at the Zodiac, Oxford (England) on 22nd December. They will be headlining with support to be announced. The album and single will be released over here in the new year and they will be touring the UK then as well.

Song used in film


Feed It is going to be featured on the soundtrack to the new Disney film 'Waterboy' which features Adam Sandlers star of 'The Wedding Singer'.

Bulletin Board


On-line chat thing for the Candyskins:

Tour News


The date for the Reading gig has been moved due to the venue being double booked. It is now on Wednesday 14th October, if you want to contact the venue the number is 0118 956 1116. We are also doing another London gig at Kings College on Thursday 15th October, the number for this one is 0171 836 7132. The American dates should be confirmed today so we'll let you know about those too - the first one is in Atlanta on 26th October.



Lots of activity on the Candyskins front at present, affecting some of their releases and dates etc.

The promotional single for "Feed It" is out in the USA on Velvel and around Europe (except UK) on Ultimate at this time, preceding the release of the album "Death Of A Minor TV Celebrity" on October 12th.

The official release of the next UK single "Somewhere Under London', has been delayed until the new year, because of the bands foreign commitments.... HOWEVER we are making it AVAILABLE NOW on our internet site, for a special low price of 3.00 , for those who can't wait. Go direct too: , use a version 4 browser if possible.

"Feed It" will be featured in new major film in America called "Waterboy" directed by Frank Coraci (of Wedding Singer fame).

It is now possible to hear "Feed It" in Liquid Audio (cd quality) format on the Bug Juice website. along with Real Audio and Real Video interviews. Download the Liquid Audio player from

Next week we will begin running a competition to win rare copies of the european promo single of "Feed It", a different version to the original UK release.

Visit , for details of the forthcoming Candyskins UK tour dates.



Things are seriously shaping up on the Candyskins front especially in the USA and Europe. This means that the band will be touring America very soon and have therefore had to delay the release of their new single "Somewhere Under London" and album "Death Of A Minor TV Celebrity" in the UK. The Candyskins want to devote as much time as possible to promote these records in the UK and do not want to disappoint their fans in any way.

They will be playing five live shows in the UK in September before heading Stateside, details of which are posted on the website.

With regard to the rest of Europe, the album will be released on October 12th (13th in the USA on Velvel Records) An extensive European tour is being arranged at present.

A new major film in Anmerica called "Waterboy" directed by Frank Coraci (of Wedding Singer fame) will feature the American/European single "Feed It" (already available in the UK).

In the meantime we are running a competition so that some of you hardcore Candyskins fans, can win what will become extremely rare promotional copies of the cd single "Somewhere Under London", and get a taster of things to come. Candyskins Competition

It is now possible to hear "Feed It" in Liquid Audio (cd quality) format on the Bug Juice website. along with Real Audio and Real Video interviews.

Download the Liquid Audio player from

Ultimate Records Newsletter

US Gig 19th August


The Candyskins will be playing a one off date in New York. It is at Mercury Lounge on Wed 19th August

US Record Deal


The Candyskins have just signed a deal in America with Velvel which means that there will be some American releases coming out. They are flying to LA on the 4th August to shoot the video for the single and will hopefully be doing a couple of dates in New York on the way back

New Single - Date Set


Candyskins release a new single "Somewhere Under London" on September 7, followed by an 11 track album, which will now be called "Death Of A Minor TV Celebrity" on September 21. They are currently booking an extensive Uk tour for the end of August / September, keep checking the site to see when these dates are posted.

Ultimate Records Newsletter

Latest News


Candyskins release a new single "Somewhere Under London" in August, followed by an album, which will now be called "Feed It" in mid-September.

The album will be on Ultimate for the UK and Europe, and VelVel for the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, it will be released simultaneously in all these territories.

Ultimate Records Newsletter

Latest News


Having just completed a new album full of great songs the band are now working hard on videos, artwork, photos the lot to make sure all is in order for an autumn of frenzied activity. The line-up of the band has undergone some small changes, tweaking the nipple of perfection and now Mark plays keyboards.

A new bass player will be debuted on Saturday July 25th when The Candyskins will be one of the headline acts at local festival Oxstock alongside Hurricane No.1 and Unbelievable Truth.

A new single entitled "Somewhere Under London" is due to be released at the end of August and roughly a month later the album will follow and the title of this latest masterpiece will be "Death Of A Minor TV Celebrity". For all of you not in good ole blighty, the album will be out all over the world at around the same time.

Ultimate Records Newsletter

Karl Leaves


Karl has left the Candyskins and is working with Dodgy. The official reason is 'differences'. He has been replaced by somone called Brett.

New Album


The Candyskins have finished recording a new album, due out in the autumn.

New Single out March 2nd


The new single will be out on March 2nd and is called 'You Better Stop'. Catalogue numbers are CD1- TOPP065CD, CD2- TOPP065CDX and 7"- TOPP65.

'Feed It' Release Put Back


The release of 'Feed It' has been put back to the 5th of November.



We've been on a new song mission of late and 10 days ago emerged from the studio with a couple of great new songs that we are really excited about. The first one "Feed It" is set for single release in the UK on October 27th.

It comes from an idea Nic got which was inspired by a news item about the Heaven's Gate cult people (that lot who all committed suicide and thought they were going to end up on a space ship behind the Hale-Bopp comet). We are trying to do a strange video to go with it ourselves and have been tearing around begging favours from everyone to think of to get it done on a tiny budget (which is all we're allowed!). If we can pull it off it should be fun so hopefully it'll turn up on the telly at some point. Generally, things are good fun at the moment and we're all looking forward on the new album in November. More about new stuff soon...

On the live front, we have got a live spot on Radio One next Thursday (25th Sep) as part of the launch of Radio One Sound City 1997 festival (which is Oxford this year). We should be on air 7.40 until 8.00 so please listen out for us. The concert is live from Brookes University in support of the Longpigs - but it was already sold out before we knew we had the spot confirmed so it looks like we won't have any of our own lot in - which is a shame, but at least we're getting a national radio broadcast, which is great news for us.

Take care....

love, The Candyskins.

Plans for 1997


"After Hang Myself On You the band are due to do some festival dates and concentrate on writing material for their next album. The album Sunday Morning Fever is to be released in Japan in May (possibly a tour in the autumn) - and hopeful ly in the US and the rest of the world before too long.

No major UK touring is planned after April in the UK until the Autumn at least - to give the boys time for a breather and the chance to catch up on writing."

Richard Cotton - Manager

New Single


The next single off Sunday Morning Fever will be Hang myself on you, released on the 21st of April. It has been completely remixed since it appeared on the album. If you want to buy it, please remember to get it in the all-important first week. If you do, you can send off for a free poster.

New Album


The new album was released on the 3rd of March 1997. It is called Sunday Morning Fever and is published on Ultimate Records. Check out the discography for a track list.

First Album Re-released


The first album, Fun?, has been re-released by Geffen. However, the Candyskins recommend that you don't buy it, because they don't get any money from it, and their ex-record company is now getting fat on their new success. Buy it second-hand instead!

Also, Nick and Mark were arrested on Feb 6th for spraying the words 'No Fun' on Geffen's headquarters in London. They were released with a caution.

Top 40 Entry!


For the first time, Candyskins have broken into the top 40 with the single Monday Morning. It got to number 34.